New site, new URL, and return of the blog!

14th September 2019

Just a quick post to announce / explain the new website – yes, it’s website revamp time again! This site has been through various iterations now, from various home-made HTML variants, to a WordPress blog on a sub-domain and home-made gallery site, to the most recent before this which was using the Koken CMS. I found Koken to be an excellent CMS for photography, but the lack of apparent recent updates, or the store working properly for me, has driven me back to WordPress. This time I actually spent a bit more time working out how to use WordPress for a photography site, so this current version of the site, using the excellent Whizz theme, includes photo galleries and the return of a blog!

Similar to before, the idea is that I’ll post my “A-flight” photos to the photo galleries under the photography section, and will post here to the blog if I have anything in particular I want to say or comment about a shoot or want to include some B-flight material which I don’t think is good enough for the full-on galleries. In addition I think I want this blog to take on a slightly broader scope than the one on the previous iteration of the site, so I’ll also post here if I have anything else photography or photo-equipment related to say!

I also have a videography section to the website for the first time, and I am interested in trying out some more video creation. I’ll wait and see how

The final development to report is that I recently found out about the .art domain. As much as the cynic in me can’t help but think it’s all a bit of a gimmick and money making scheme, I also think it sounds cool and it isn’t very expensive to register, so the website is new accessible via the URL in addition to my existing domain,

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more photo related blog posts coming to the new site!